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Stallion Moving Services can be a one-stop shop for your move. We can provide a full range of packing services and supplies for local and long distance moves. Free moving boxes (crates) are available for local moves only when packing and unpacking services are provided. From packing peanuts to moving boxes and packing tape, let us know what you need. Call our Denver movers today for more information.

Packing Tips in Denver

Packing your Kitchen for Moving

  • Packing a kitchen is perhaps the most difficult part of packaging the goods in your home due to the quantity of breakable items. While packing your kitchen, be systematic about it: pack like items together and label them for the proper destination.
  • Whether you plan on a local move or a long-distance relocation, remember to not overpack boxes. Overpacking your boxes is a very common way for your belongings to get damaged.
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper provide the best protection for all of your fragile glass. Make sure to line the bottom of each fragile box with the packing materials of your choice.
  • Packing the kitchen requires small boxes for your glass and breakable items (plates, bowls, cups, glasses, etc.), which should be wrapped and fit gently together as to not allow more than minimal movement.
  • Medium boxes, also known as 3 Cubes (3.0 cubic feet) are the correct size cartons to fit your pots and pans along with any other kitchen items (trays, utensils, platters, crock-pots etc.) if needed. These boxes are also great to package lighter kitchen appliances.
  • In all of these boxes you should attempt to fill any gap larger than a baseball with packing materials. Foam packing peanuts are often a great and cheap solution for this.
  • Wrap silverware in paper towels and then place in a bag (any preferred type of kitchen bag of appropriate size will do). Wrap snugly and find a good gap in one of your medium boxes to place.
  • Properly taping the bottom of the moving boxes that you’re packing will be a small way to assure you of the safety of your goods. Over packed or poorly taped boxes are the most common causes of damage of moves. If you still have the original boxes for any of your goods, these are often the best equipped boxes to handle the packing and moving of their original contents.

Packing & Moving a Plasma Television Plasma televisions are considered specialty items to moving companies due to elements (xenon, neon, and helium) in the internal mechanism of the device.  When these elements are disturbed, the color and picture quality of the TV can be severely affected.

  • If the screen is tilted more than 30-35 degrees, the plasma may run out of its specified cell, causing discoloration in a particular area of the screen. This can be avoided by making sure the TV remains upright at all times, and is packed inside a container that allows for packing material on all sides (packing peanuts or styrofoam preferably).
  • If the TV is not moved in its original packaging, make sure to put directional arrows on all sides of the packing carton, indicating that it should stay upright.
  • If there is a great difference in elevation between your old and new moving destination, be sure to check the specifications of your particular TV model. In Denver and other places at higher elevations, the internal elements of the TV may expand, much the same way as gas, causing the picture to become blurred or unfocused.
  • Projection televisions should be packed the same way as a plasma. However, most difficulties arise from jolting or movement that causes the bulb and mirrors to shift. Remember to label as fragile, and do not move the TV anymore than necessary.

Packing & Moving a Home Office

  • If you are moving your office or library and that needs to be packed and relocated, keep in mind that books, magazines and files are small and simple to pack, but they quickly become very heavy when placed in boxes. Take care to put such things in smaller (1.5 cubic feet) boxes to prevent carton weight from exceeding 40-50 pounds. This prevents many hard to lift items, as well as boxes coming apart during transit.
  • Desk items such as pens, tape dispensers, staplers, and other small miscellaneous goods should but into plastic bags to prevent poking through boxes or loss of possessions.
  • Electronics (i.e. computers, printers, paper shredders) are best kept in the original packing if available or a box of larger proportion with ample packing materials. Any loose parts (detachable trays, wires) should be kept with the appropriate piece of equipment to avoid confusion at your new home or office.
  • For long-distance relocations be sure not to overpack your boxes and electronics; long distance journeys can result in some damaged belongings if they are in poorly packed boxes.

Packing & Moving a Grandfather Clock

  • Grandfather clocks can be a hassle to move because often they have glass panels and a multitude of moving parts. The inner workings of a grandfather clock most commonly consist of two or more counter weights and a pendulum. These parts are almost always free hanging and are simple to remove. Pack these parts in their own separate box.
  • After doing so, safely fill as much of the inside of the clock with packing materials as you can. Once this has been done, close and lock the panels if possible, wrap it in moving pads, shrink wrap it from top to bottom, and you are ready to go.

Packing & Moving Sculptures

  • Sculptures that are made out of fragile materials and weigh more than 75 pounds should always be crated. Crates allow sculptures to be protected from all sides, with little to no chance of damage caused by pressure.
  • Make sure that the sculpture is well padded and secure inside its crate. For appropriate packing supplies, visit a local moving store, or call Stallion Movers, and we can provide you with proper packing materials and move all your fragile items so you do not have to worry.

For more information about packing services and tips, contact our Denver moving company today and see how we can help you with your next local or long distance move!

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