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Moving & Relocation Tips & Hints

For your benefit while packing and moving, Stallion Moving Services has composed a comprehensive list of moving and packing tips. Stallion Moving also offers packing services to assist you with the large task of packing and transporting all of your belongings safely to your new location. For more information about our packing services in Denver, call (720) 880-8554.

Moving Tips

  • See moving as an opportunity to organize and purge. Make “donate,” “pitch,” and “sell” piles in each room for belongings you no longer want or need.
  • Arrange for a charity to come pick up items you plan to donate at the end of your packing schedule.
  • Paper is heavy and there is no need to move junk mail or outdated documents. Shred paper with personal information and send it all to the recycling bin.
  • Packing can become a trip down memory lane. Resist the temptation and get items packed rather than reminiscing. You’ll have plenty of time to go back and leisurely sift through your belongings after the move.
  • Create a moving binder with plastic sleeves for all your important moving information. It will be your go-to guide on moving day.
  • There is no need to pack a can of beans that expired two years ago. Throw out expired pantry items that are past their prime.

Packing Tips

  • Begin by packing rooms and items that you use the least. A guest room, out-of-season clothing, or bulk items are safe bets.
  • Create packing zones in each room. You’ll need a place for empty boxes and supplies, a space for packed boxes, a giveaway pile, a packing area, and enough space to walk between the zones.
  • Keep supplies close at hand by wearing a tool belt or apron with pockets that hold tape, scissors, markers, labels, and a small notebook for jotting down reminders.
  • Give items a once-over with a microfiber cloth as you are putting them in boxes. If you dust as you pack, your belongings will be clean when you unpack them.
  • Do not use flimsy moving boxes that are likely to break under pressure. Invest in a variety of double-ply cardboard boxes that will protect your belongings and hold up to the moving process.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and remember to pack each box with the heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Purchase large stacks of newsprint packing paper for wrapping most of your possessions. It doesn’t leave any black marks like regular newspaper and provides excellent cushioning.
  • Use colored tissue paper to wrap small items. Brightly colored wrapping helps small items stand out so they don’t get thrown away.
  • Boxes should be completely filled or they may get crushed or dented during the move. Use packing material to fill corners and empty space.

Tips for Saving Money

  • To save some cash, look online or post a request on local message boards to see if anyone in your area is giving away gently used moving boxes.
  • Ask friends and family members if they have sturdy boxes, tape guns, or other moving supplies that they can share with you.
  • Use an online box estimator to determine how many cardboard boxes you will need for your move. Many companies will let you return unused boxes so it’s better to overestimate on your initial order.
  • Use regular newspaper from your recycling bin as a layer of padding at the bottom of boxes and around items that are already protected by packing paper. Just remember, your fingers may get black from handling newspapers and you risk staining items you are packing or unpacking.
  • Extremely fragile items may call for bubble wrap. It’s costly so use it sparingly.
  • Towels and sheets work as extra padding in boxes that hold fragile items. You’re packing and padding all at once!
  • Plastic shopping bags also work to pad items or provide a layer between two items in your box. Best of all, you can use what you have and they are free.


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